25th October 2023

Brazilian authorities shut down major illegal filesharing site in Brazil

Prominent illegal filesharing forum, FileWarez, shut down following co-ordinated action by record company bodies and local authorities

25th October, 2023 – IFPI, the organisation that represents the recorded music industry worldwide, alongside its Brazilian national group Pro-Música, have welcomed the successful action against  – one of the most prominent illegal file sharing sites in Brazil  – by the Brazilian special cybercrime unit of prosecutor’s office of São Paulo, Cyber Gaeco.

FileWarez was the most established illegal filesharing forum in Brazil, dedicated to sharing illegal music content. While active, the site had more than 118,000 registered users with at least 24,000 monthly active users.

The FileWarez website was shut down following co-ordinated work from IFPI, Brazilian anti-piracy body APDIF and Cyber Gaeco.

Melissa Morgia, Director of Global Content Protection and Enforcement, IFPI, says: “We congratulate Cyber Gaeco on their action.  The site operated with no regard for the rights of music creators and has undermined the legal marketplace in Brazil.  This is an important action in the continuing fight against piracy in the country.”

Paulo Rosa, President of Pro-Música Brasil says: “We are very grateful to the Cyber Gaeco unit of the Prosecutor´s office of São Paulo, for its continuous and successful work against music piracy.”


Editors notes:  IFPI is the voice of the recording music industry worldwide, representing over 8,000 record company members across the globe. We work to promote the value of recorded music, campaign for the rights of record producers and expand the commercial use of recorded music around the world.

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