IFPI and its National Group network represents some 8,000 members across the world. Below are details of IFPI’s direct members, including major and independent labels

IFPI’s members

Super Sonic
Sony Music Entertainment Argentina
Universal Music Argentina
Warner Music Argentina S.R.L.
Beijing Drifting Melody Culture and Media Co. Ltd
China Record Group Co. Ltd
Go East Music Entertainment Consulting (Beijing) Ltd
Guangdong Starsing Culture Transmitted Co.,Ltd
Jiangsu Yuanzhou Ecommerce Ltd
Pacific Audio & Video Co.
Rock Forward Entertainment
Warner Music Beijing Co.,Ltd
HIM International Music Inc
JVR Music International Ltd.
Rock Records (Taiwan) Co. Ltd
Skyhigh Entertainment Co. Ltd
Star Music Co. Ltd.
Universal Music Colombia S.A.
Clarton, Edit, Musicvars Corporation, s.r.o.
Holidays Forever
Ji?i Mašek – Good Day
Kudykam, s.r.o
Mars Promotion, družstvo (cooperative association)
Olga Lounova
Sony Music Entertainment Czech Republic s.r.o.
Warner Music Czech Republic s.r.o
Digital Media Production
ARB Films Et Editions
Gaumont Musique
La Cile
Malligator Productions
Planet Woo
Productions Alleluia
Remark Records
Royal River
Sarl Ricordu
Scherzo Concerts & Production
Silene Editions
SIP Animation
Sober & Gentle
Soulbeats Records
Sound Effect Killer
Studio Kos & Co
Sunset-France SarL
The Hours
Universal Music S.A.
Vital Song Production
AirplaySongs Recording UG
Diseno Arte Y Licencias SL
ESPERANZA Musikverlag & Musikproduktion Werner Triepke & Co.
Frommherz, Jürgen
K28 GmbH
Kriegeskorte,St.-Tröscher,K. GbR
Mozart-Edition GmbH Günther Zagler
ram Musikproduktionsgesellschaft mbh
Amo Record Corporation
Art-Tune Records Co
Bailey Record Co Ltd
BMA Records Limited
Bonus Line Group Limited
Contec Sound Media Ltd
Crown Music Entertainment (HK) Limited
D&I Music International Ltd
East Asia Music (Holdings) Limited
Grey Waters Limited
HAN Empire International Entertainment Limited
HNH International Ltd
Ideology Productions
J10 Music Company Limited
Jam Music
JV Entertainment Productions Ltd
Love Da Group Company Limited
Magic Star Entertainment & Production Co. Ltd.
Man Chi Records Co Ltd
Manstone Music Ltd
Melody Company Limited
Modern Audio Limited
Musechic Limited
Music Factory
Naxos Rights International Ltd
Pan Asia Cultural Co Ltd
Rock (Hong Kong) Co Ltd
ROI Productions Ltd
SIG Music (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Swiss-Invest Group (HK) Limited
Silly Thing Records Company Limited
Silva Records Limited
Silver Planet Production Co
Sound Sound Music Publishing
Sui Seng Trading Co Ltd
Sun Ma Records Production Ltd
Tea 1 Music Limited
The Life Records Ltd
The Voice Entertainment Group Limited
TNT Production Ltd
Universal Music Ltd
Universe Music Limited
Wyman Limited
Sony Music Entertainment Hungary Kft.
Alda Music ehf
Geimsteinn h/f
Íslensk tónverkamiðstöð – ITM
Zonet ehf
Dolphin Traders Ltd
Gael Linn Teo
SME Records (Ireland) Limited
Third Floor Limited
Carmel Music
Ecco Records Co. Ltd
Hammon Records Ltd
Hataklit Ltd
Hed Arzi Ltd.
Helicon Records Ltd.
IMP Dance
Israphon Gramophone Records
NMC United Entertainment Ltd
Noam Productions Limited
Phonokol Ltd
The Eighth Note Production & Distribution Ltd
Right Track S.A.R.L.
8 Ball Music
Caro Emerald BV
Casual Solution B.V.
Coast to Coast BV
De Haske Sound Services BV
Django Music & Publishing
El Chapo Productions/Music
Fields of Roses Music
Hit4Us Entertainment
Hollandsche School
Kassem Touzani
Lessing Holding
More Life Entertainment
News Records
O.J. Fam Entertainment
Pure Imagination Records
Skarster Music Investments
Suburban Marketing & Distribution B.V.
Telstar Music
Umoja Music
Premier Records (Nigeria) Ltd
Sony Music Singapore
Universal Music Pte Ltd
Warner Music Singapore Pte Ltd
Sony Music Entertainment Africa (Pty) Ltd
Sony Music Entertainment Operating (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Universal Music Thailand Ltd
Dokuz Sekiz Music Product Company
Emre Grafson Müzik Sanat Filmcilik
33 RPM Ltd
51 Lex Records Ltd
9th Story Records
A + G Records
Abandon Music Recordings (UK) Ltd
Abundant Life Recording & Entertainment Co. Ltd
Ade J Music
Adventure Records Ltd
Alexander Dale Records
All Around the World Productions Limited
All Things Licensing
Aluna Record Company
Ambiel Music
Anything Goez Productions
Arnold Brown Ltd
Arts Records
Asylum Media Ltd
Ayamba Records
Battenberg Recordings Limited
Better Noise Music
Big Community Records Ltd
Black Diamond Music
Black Mosaic
Blue Red Green Media Ltd
Blue Whale Music
Bluesky Pie Records
BMG Rights Management (UK)
Bright Star Records Ltd
Broadley Records International Limited
Brother May
Cadiz Music Ltd
Chaos and Bedlam Management
Charlie John Ltd
Click Clack Connection
Coda Publishing Limited
Collegium Records
Congo Music Ltd
Corbin Media
CRC Records
Criminal Records Inc.
Dance Paradise UK
Dave Clark International
Desh Music Group
Deuxes Ltd
Distiller Records LLP
Diverse Music Productions Ltd
Dollschino Records
Doodlebox Music Ltd
Dude Beat Inc
Duffnote Ltd
Ecco Recordings Ltd
Echo Drop
Emma McGann
Everlasting Resonance Music Ltd
Everyday Records
Fat Penguin Management
Flair Records
Forever Diverse Music Solutions C.I.C. (DMS)
Forever Living Originals
Four Left Feet Ltd
Fretsore Records Ltd
Gerry Salgado Entertainment (UK)
Gig Revolution Ltd
Grant Management
Green Tree Record
Greensleeves Records Ltd
Harmonia Mundi (UK) Ltd
Hartmann Media Ltd
Harvie Ventures Ltd
I Love My Music
Ian St James Limited
Ideal Music Productions Limited
In Stereo Ltd
INFL Ltd (t/a I’m Not From London)
Intertalent Music Limited
Jabba Recordings
Jad Records (UK)
JellyBean Records
K Dragon Records
Kaleido Music UK Ltd
Kapuscinscy Empire Ltd
Label 89 Records
Lander Records and Music
LMC Records Ltd
Lockjaw Records
Loop De Loop Records
Lucky Machete
Lumi Entertainment Ltd
Lyp Records
M. E. N Productions
M3 Records
Mama A Records
Marcos Rodriguez
Mark It Place Entertainment
Material Music
MBS Records
Measured Records Ltd
Metropolis Blue
Metropolis London Music Ltd
Modal Production Group
Monaise Limited
MP Manchester
MRC (Nuphonic)
MRMT Limited
Multi Modal
Municipal Records
Music Company (London) Ltd
New Reign Productions Limited
Now Generation
On The Run Recordings
Orbital Media Limited
Orchid Music Ltd
Oriental Star Agencies Ltd
Outlaw Music
Partisan Records
Passion Music Ltd
Pavilion Records Ltd
Payne Records Limited
Pete Waterman Ltd
Platinum Entertainment Group
Polo Records
Power Records
Queen Entertainment Limited
Queen Records
Quentertainment Ltd
Quiet Arch
Regent Street Records
Remote Control Agency
Remote Recordings Ltd
Rights Asset Management
River Records
Riverside Records
Rockular Recordings Ltd
Rumour Records Ltd
S.U CORP Ltd T/A Strictly Underground Records
SA Entertainments LLP
Seeds Music Ltd
Sequence Sequence Limited
Shed Records
Six Music Productions
Ska Music Ltd
Sleep Less Records
Sleeveless Records
SOMM Recordings
Soundpractice Music Ltd
Speakeasy Recordings
Spotlight Sounds
SRM Records
Stratford Copyright Ltd
Streets Production Ltd
Sunfly Music Group
Supertone Music Ltd
Swiss Media UK
Tantrum Entertainment Group
TD Sound LTD
Tema International Ltd
That’s Entertainment Records Ltd
The Greateast Records
The Other Songs
The Songwriting Charity
The Winners
The Wye Record Company
Thrtn Clvb Ltd
Traxploitation Ltd
Urbanition Limited
Vigilante Music Ltd
Violaris Music Productions
Warner Music (UK) Ltd
Welcome To Pariahville
Whisky Records
Willowhayne Records Ltd
Witchwood Media Limited
Wooden Hill Recordings Ltd
ZY Records
Sony Music Entertainment
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