In today’s streaming-led world it has never been easier to listen to the music we love. Record companies have made this possible by licensing over 50 million tracks to hundreds of digital services worldwide. Despite this, the problem of copyright infringement, where music is used or made available without permission, remains an evolving threat to the music community.

Illegal sites and mobile applications, such as those enabling stream ripping and illegal digital downloads, make millions in revenue from music without returning anything to artists who create it. These sites are

often operated by criminal organisations seeking to profit from illegally obtaining and distributing music, sometimes even before it is fully ready for release. This not only jeopardises the work of artists but also of the many people that support them.

IFPI and its member record companies are committed to tackling copyright infringement in all its forms in order to ensure the artists they partner with can see a fair return for their work.


IFPI contacts online platforms on behalf of its members when it finds an internet user has used or posted members’ content for which they don’t have permissions. Below is a short FAQ for users who have received a copyright strike from an online platform as a result of an IFPI copyright notice.

You should check the notice you’ve received but it is likely the you have used some music content without permission. It’s possible you have posted or reposted something without having a licence to use that music. We recommend that in future you are careful not to breach the terms of use for the site you have been using.

In rare circumstances, yes. If you do have permission for the content you have used or posted. In this case, please provide us with your platform account information, the content link and a copy of the permission or licences for the audio content you have uploaded. Please email us at to provide this information and we can correct any error.

In nearly all cases, where a user does not have permission for the content they have uploaded, the notice will stand.
Please note that due to email volume if you do not hold the permissions or licences for the audio content, it is at the team’s discretion whether you receive a response confirming this.

IFPI is not directly involved in the suspension of accounts.  We would recommend you read the terms of use for the platform and contact them directly.

How can I help stop copyright infringement?

Everyone across the music ecosystem can help tackle copyright infringement. If you see a site that you believe is sharing music from an artist without a licence or permission, please let us know.