22nd June 2022

Brazilian authorities coordinate large-scale action against infringing music services

22 June 2022 – Brazilian law enforcement authorities have coordinated a substantial series of actions as part of the fourth wave of ‘Operation 404’, an initiative to tackle infringing services on the internet, supported by IFPI and Pro-Música Brasil.

The operation, which was initiated yesterday, is one of the largest of its kind and involves a range of actions in relation to unlicensed music services, including over 400 infringing music apps which collectively have generated more than 10 million downloads.

These actions involved cooperation between the Brazilian Ministry of Justice and Public Security, cybercrime police units from 11 states in Brazil, Homeland Security Investigations (US) and the Police IP Crime Unit, City of London Police (UK).

Commenting on the operation, Melissa Morgia, IFPI’s Director of Global Content Protection and Enforcement said: “As a result of the coordinated work of the Brazilian authorities, together with agencies in the US and the UK, these actions have seen the highest number of unlicensed music services disrupted as part of the Operation 404 campaign. 

“We thank and commend all the authorities and agencies involved in carrying out these actions for their ongoing collaboration and support in protecting music creators’ content.”

Paulo Rosa, Director, Pro-Música Brasil, added: “This operation has had a particular impact on the growing problem of unlicensed music apps – sending a clear message to all operators of such services that they must cease their activities. 

“These services are profiting from music whilst putting in jeopardy the growth of Brazil’s vibrant and diverse music ecosystem. We continue to support action against this, wherever necessary.”


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