7th July 2021

IFPI’s Sub-Saharan Africa Office Takes Charge of Vital Data System Underpinning Recording Industry

IFPI is administering the International Standard Recording Code for the region

7th July 2021 – Music creators in Sub-Saharan Africa now have improved access to an essential tool enabling them to identify their recordings and manage how they are used in all parts of the world.

IFPI, the organisation representing the recording industry worldwide, has announced that its Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Office is now administering the International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) for the region, enhancing the ability of producers to take control of the use of their recordings. 

ISRC is the data system underpinning the recording industry globally. Once assigned an ISRC, any sound recording can be uniquely and permanently identified, helping to avoid ambiguity, and simplifying the management of rights when those recordings are used by different services, across borders, or under different licensing deals.

Commenting on the move, IFPI Chief Executive, Frances Moore, said: “Diverse, and exciting music from Africa continues to expand its impact around the world. For African creators to efficiently manage and control the use of their music regionally and globally, the data systems underpinning music need to keep pace. The ISRC is an essential element of this – it will empower African music creators and drive the development of the industry right across the region.” 

Angela Ndambuki, Director of IFPI’s Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Office that is now administering ISRC added: “The African music sector continues to develop at an incredible pace. We must ensure that it does so in line with international standards to make it sustainable for the long term. 

“Registering for an ISRC is quick, simple and very low cost. We’re excited about offering this to music creators in Africa and providing them with the opportunity to control the future use of their recordings on a global scale.”

IFPI will be hosting two free virtual seminars on the ISRC for music creators in Sub-Saharan Africa:

More information can be found on the international ISRC Website at:

IFPI’s SSA office provides ISRC services across sub-Saharan Africa, except for South Africa where ISRC is managed by RIAS.

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