Across the world, more music is being listened to in increasingly varied ways. Based on research conducted by IFPI in 2019 across 19 leading music markets the IFPI Music Listening report - released in September 2019 - provides an insight into music listening habits.

Report highlights:

  • Streaming music is popular globally: 89% listen to music through on-demand streaming.
  • There is a surge when it comes to older age groups using music streaming services: the highest rate of growth for use of streaming services is in the 35-64 age group. 54% of 35-64s used a music streaming service in the past month (+8% from 2018).
  • Copyright infringement remains a threat: 23% use illegal stream ripping services.
  • Time spent listening to music each week is up - 18 hours. That's more than the 17.8 hour average in 2018 and more than 2.6 hours daily - the equivalent of listening to 52 three minute tracks.
  • Fans are highly engaged with music: 54% say they love or are fanatical about music.

Read the press release here.

Download the full report here.

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