IFPI welcomes new Intellectual Property Crime Unit at City of London Police

28th June 2013, London

IFPI today welcomes the creation of a new police unit in the UK dedicated to tackling intellectual property crime. The newly-established Intellectual Property Crime Unit at the City of London Police will focus on offenders engaging in intellectual property crime in the digital environment.

The new initiative builds on impressive results already achieved by the City of London Police, which has already helped reduce illegal revenues from pirate websites internationally. The Unit will be headed by Detective Superintendent Robert Wishart, previously head of operations for the force's Economic Crime Directorate.

IFPI, along with its UK sister organisation BPI, has worked effectively on copyright enforcement with the City of London Police for several years. Projects include collaboration with leading payment providers, such as MasterCard, PayPal and Visa, to identify infringing services and remove payment services from them. IFPI estimates this cooperation has prevented more than £340 million in illegal trade since it began in March 2011. The programme has recently been extended to cover infringing cyberlockers in addition to unlicensed download stores.

Frances Moore, chief executive, IFPI, says: "I'm delighted the UK government has decided to create and fund this new unit dedicated to tackling intellectual property crime. Creative industries such as music are a vital part of our economy, providing jobs and investment. Copyright is the engine that makes these industries tick and that is what makes the work of this new Intellectual Property Crime Unit so valuable and important."

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