IFPI Announcement on Pan-European Licensing Scheme for Small-Scale Users

13th November 2013, Brussels

Today IFPI announced the creation of a new industry-led pan-European licensing scheme, which will specifically target the needs of small-scale users, including individuals, small associations and small businesses. The new scheme will enable those users to obtain one-stop pan-European licences from record producers collecting societies ("MLCs"), allowing them to easily use recordings on their websites.

Frances Moore, CEO of IFPI, stated "This is an important initiative that will make licensing simpler for small users by offering a one-stop shop pan-European licence. The discussions held recently with the European Commission as part of their Licences for Europe initiative show how far our industry has come, and how much we have achieved. And the market will continue to develop."

Record companies already have agreements with digital platforms such as YouTube, which enable consumers to upload their videos in a legal environment, while respecting the rights of creators

For further information contact: Daniel Friedlaender, IFPI Brussels Email: Daniel.friedlaender@ifpi.org +32 02 511 92 08