Stakeholders across the music industry talking about a global release day

14th August 2014

Connecting fans around the world to new music

IFPI, the organisation that represents the recording industry worldwide, has confirmed that a range of stakeholders from across the music industry are talking about implementing a global release day for new albums and singles by next summer.

A new global release day will allow all fans to access new music on the same day, creating new communities, engagement and excitement about music launches and allowing artists to plan and think big. A band will be able to tell all their fans, wherever they are around the world, that their album is out on one day.

The positive dialogue with organisations representing artists, chart compilers, digital services, independent record labels and physical format retailers is about a proposal that would see albums and singles released on Fridays at 00:01 local time around the world from next summer.

This proposal would benefit consumers as they will know that wherever they are in the world they can get hold of new releases from Fridays at 00:01. If a new album or single is being released on a global basis, consumers won't have to wait after first release to obtain it from a licensed service in their country.

Frances Moore, CEO of IFPI, says: "Moving to a global release day will help to rekindle excitement around launching new music, allowing for truly global campaigns, bringing fans around the world closer than ever to their favourite artists. That is why IFPI supports a global release day."

At the moment, new music is released on different days in different countries. For example, the release day is Monday in the UK, Tuesday in the US and Friday in Germany. In a digital world, when many artists and record companies want to harness global digital and social media platforms to promote their new music worldwide, it makes sense to review this situation.

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