Statement by IFPI on the decision by the European Court of Justice on website blocking

27th March 2014

IFPI welcomes today's ruling by the European Court of Justice that website blocking is consistent with fundamental rights under EU law, and additionally confirming that copyright is itself a fundamental right requiring protection.

The recording industry in Europe has created a vibrant digital business, with more than 230 services licensed across the EU giving consumers access to music in diverse ways. The sustained success of this sector, and its ability to continue to invest in music, is dependent on the legal environment in which it operates. Internet service providers' ability lawfully to prevent access to pirate sites that undermine legitimate music services is critically important. Such measures have been effective in reducing piracy, with injunctions ordered in recent years in 10 countries in the EU and several more outside Europe.

The decision by the ECJ today confirming that website blocking does not infringe fundamental rights in the EU is an important clarification that will strengthen the ability of the music and other creative industries to tackle piracy.

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