Conclusions of Licences for Europe

13th November 2013, Brussels

IFPI welcomes the conclusions of today's "Licences for Europe" (L4E) Plenary. L4E is the European Commission's year-long review of the state of licensing, business models and developments in the digital world. L4E gave the music industry the opportunity to explain what has been achieved, and to discuss the views of other participants.

Frances Moore, CEO of IFPI, said "The Licences for Europe discussions provided a useful forum for record companies to illustrate how they have embraced the digital world. European consumers now have access to over 31 million tracks digitally over 260 services. Consumers can discover and access music as downloads, streams, in the cloud, and on their devices."

The conclusions of L4E also highlight record company licensing of digital platforms, e.g. YouTube, for the posting of user generated content by end-users. The market for licensed digital services for music has grown exponentially and is now an example cited for other sectors.

Frances Moore concluded "This process has once again demonstrated the value of market-led solutions in a fast moving technological environment."

For further information contact: Daniel Friedlaender, IFPI Brussels Email: +32 02 511 92 08