Digital Music Report

IFPI’s Digital Music Report provides a comprehensive overview of developments in the licensed online marketplace, detailing how record companies have transformed their business models for the digital age, showcasing markets around the world and explaining the industry’s efforts to tackle online piracy.

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Other resources from IFPI and IFPI partners

  • Information for parents/teachers

    Helping parents and teachers ensure that young people enjoy music legally.

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  • ISRC

    An international identification system for sound recordings and music video recordings. ISRC provides the means to automatically identify recordings for royalty payments.

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  • GRid

    GRid provides a system for the unique identification of “Releases” of music over electronic networks, so that they can be managed efficiently.

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  • Digital File Check

    Digital File Check is a free, easy to use software designed to help people enjoy music and entertainment safely and legally.

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Pro Music

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