One of the key hallmarks of digital music today is the high level of consumer awareness and engagement in digital services. Record companies are licensing a diverse range of services, successfully meeting different consumer preferences. This is illustrated in research undertaken by Ipsos across 13 leading music markets for IFPI.

The exclusive research shows 69 per cent of internet users have used a licensed digital music service in the past six months.

The research also finds that the majority of consumers, 74%, rate pay to stream sites as “excellent”, “very good” or “fairly good”. 73 per cent reported the download sites they use are either “excellent”, “very good” or “fairly good”.

The findings also identify a range of reasons why consumers choose different services. Users cited better sound quality (20%) and ease of use (22%) as some of their main reasons to use download stores. Trust in the service providers (32%) and security/ease of payment (31%) were other key reasons for people who use download stores.

The study also shows that the majority of consumers are aware of the major digital services. The table below compares awareness levels of the most commonly occurring digital services in the 13 markets surveyed by Ipsos.

Awareness of licensed services:

Service % of internet users aware for music*
YouTube - For Music/ music videos 84
Paying to download music from iTunes 68
Spotify 62
AmazonMP3 57
VEVO - For Music/ music videos 41
Deezer 28
(Source: Ipsos Media CT)
*Services listed were asked in each country if available

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